Truly created out of love and concern for all members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ).


The Iglesia ni Cristo … Hinirang. An open page for the glory and honor of our Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ. This blog manifests their great concern and love for the elect. Created through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, that serves as a beacon for the welfare of all the chosen, so that through this blog, everyone will be diligently watched, protected and guided.


This will lead the individual member to a righteous life. Teach them to reach the zenith of faith, make their hope steadfast and strong while waiting for the promised salvation, and most importantly it will intensify the love of brotherhood while doing good and leading a holy way of life.


This blog will also serve as a reminder, helps in teaching the individual member, experiencing sorrow and weakened by many trials, to be strong again and renew their zealousness in…

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